Linux or Windows? Which type of hosting is better?

Let us help you choose a better hosting service!

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Linux and Windows both hosting are well-liked and very popular these days. Each of them has different features with different services. Which one is the best hosting depends on the type of your website and your requirement?

We are using Linux Hosting for our website, and we have an excellent experience with it. When it comes time to start your website, blog, or any other online project, Linux hosting is the right selection.

Linux Hosting, Windows Hosting

Why is Linux mostly preferred than Windows hosting?

There’s nothing wrong with Windows hosting. However, Linux is the preferred selection for several reasons. Linux allows the use of popular programming languages like PHP, Python, CGI, and Pearl, which are trendy choices for webmasters and developers around the globe. It’s also referred to as one of the most stable options for your hosting and provides more features that may be used free of charge compared to Windows hosting.

With Windows hosting, you can use ASP or ASP.NET, but both of these applications tend to be a bit more challenging to use and offers less versatile programming options to developers. Most developers, webmasters, and bloggers prefer and like Linux hosting over Windows hosting.

Here are some of the top advantages provided by Linux hosting for general usage:

  • Cost: Linux is an open-source platform, which means there’s no charge to use it for your hosting. It enables hosting companies to keep their prices lower compared to Windows hosting.
  • Flexibility: With a Linux server, you’ll be able to do several things, like create a blog, website, multimedia application, forum, or any other online entity.
  • Security: Of course, a vital advantage of a Linux server, especially for shared hosting, is the security. This operating system has proven time and time again to be more secure than the other alternative.
  • Reliability: Since Linux system} was one of the primary operating systems created, it provides better security than Windows.
  • Simplicity: It’s more accessible and more user-friendly than Windows hosting. Since Linux can use MySQL, Perl, and PHP, it has become known as a straightforward system to use.

Many benefits come together with the choice to use a hosting company offering the Linux operating system. This affordable form of hosting makes it easy for anybody to get started with a blog or website.

Here are a few hosting companies we would like to prefer, which give Linux hosting with better services:

  1. HostingerPowerfull and 20x Faster than most hosting companies offering its services
  2. Resellerclub: Again, a part of and a subsidiary of Endurance International Group. It provides better hosting services at an affordable cost.
  3. HostGator: Very popular for its shared hosting servers. Our recommendations for its security and support.

Top hosting company providing full technical support, you can take advantage of the various benefits like:

  • Faster services using the CloudLinux Platform
  • Lower downtime, with a 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Fasy websites with the use of 21x faster LiteSpeed technology
  • Unlimited storage space with SSD Storage
  • Secure connection on the web with Free SSL Certificate
  • High Security with Latest tools like Mod Security, DDoS Protection, etc
  • All-time customer support and exceptionally lower prices

All these hosting corporations are providing excellent services at a reasonable range. From which you can take all benefits of the Linux hosting additionally as essential features with excellent quality.

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