What is Static and Dynamic IP Address?


    Riddle me this: When is static a fantastic thing to have? It doesn’t make enjoying the radio or watching TV any more comfortable. It ruins phone calls and also drops your Wi-Fi connection. But what that static could help you make your website faster, rank higher on search engines, and make it easier to access your site? The type of static I’m talking about after all is a static IP. What’s a static IP address, you ask? Let’s investigate.

    1What is an IP address?

    First of all, to know what a static one is, we’ve to make sure we all know what an Internet Protocol address is generally.

    An IP means “Internet Protocol.”

    In standard English, an IP is the “street address” for a server, computer or device on the web. IPs are from four “octets,” and every octet is a number between 1 and 256. Between each octet is a period. for instance, an address looks like “11” is an octet, “35” is an octet, and so on.

    With this pattern, it’s possible to possess 4,294,967,296 unique IP addresses! Everything which will connect to the web has an IP address: your phone, your tablet, your modem, your Nintendo Switch and more. There are a couple of different primary kinds of IPs, but today we’re going to look at just the two: static & dynamic.



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