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Answer these Questions Before Upgrading Your Server

After reading various articles about the benefits of a dedicated server, people often ask me to suggest the best available hosting service, provider. Without understanding that it might be too early for their website to need a server upgrade. While doing so, a user should not just consider the current needs of the website, but the future needs too. By planning out the necessary upgrades on a timely basis, you will be able to understand how often do you need to take care of upgrading your existing plans. And requirements for your website’s future. You will be able to solve minor issues like extra load time, network issues and stuff like that without any assistance or technical help. Just answer the below questions and you will know whether you need to upgrade to a dedicated server or not.

  • Why do you need a Dedicated Server?

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This is the first and foremost question you need to answer before considering an upgrade from your current server. A dedicated server indicates that you want all the resources of the server just for your websites. Is that what you need? Does your website need a whole server and all its resources for itself? You will have a whole lot of security and faster performance by doing that. But the cost and upgrade be worth enough only if the resources that are available for you are getting used at it’s best. Otherwise, it will just be a waste of money and resources that are not getting used properly.

  • What’re your site’s current requirements?

For websites that are huge need more bandwidth to run smoothly. If there is an exchange of various media files regularly, you surely do need a server that provides more bandwidth. But if not, then upgrading your server is surely not your need of the hour. Bandwidth is an essential aspect that needs to be considered if applications or storage issues are faced by website users.

  • Does your site demand more security?

Another reason why one should consider upgrading to a dedicated server is the security of data. If you are dealing with personal or sensitive information for your customers or traffic such as pan card details or bank details, you need to ensure extra safety to protect the interest of your fellow customers. You can not be dependant on a shared server if you are dealing with critical data. Hence opting for a dedicated server can be a smart move and it does avail that extra layer of security as your resources that limited to your usage. There is no threat of phishing or hacking. It happens if your resources are shared and the fellow user has been a victim to hacking.

  • How much assistance do you need in terms of managing the server?

You can opt for a managed dedicated server if you are not familiar with the functioning of the server. Although, if you know how to manage your server then you can go for unmanaged dedicated servers which allows you to control everything by yourself. You can always get guidance on various communities if you face minor issues while managing your server. However, sometimes even though people are familiar with managing the server, they outsource the service just because they do not have the required time to invest in it. So choosing a managed or unmanaged server is the user’s call. The managed server comes with 24*7 tech support that handles the management of your server for you as per your requirements.

  • What is your current budget?

This is another critical aspect to consider while upgrading to a dedicated server. It is essential to give a wise thought to this particular question. As the cost of the dedicated server is way more than that of sharing one or VPS. You need to choose a provider that is reliable and trustworthy enough to provide you with the best service in the market. It is essential to pick a reputed brand. To make sure that your data is safe and secure even though it costs you a few extra bucks for that.

After answering all the mentioned questions, if you still believe that you need a dedicated server then you can go ahead and upgrade your server right away. You can ensure choosing the right service provider for upgrading your server by reading reviews of well-known service providers. Do a little market research to find out which plan suits your needs. Make a wise and informed decision to get the best services for your website.


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