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While we have all the time in the world, why not make the best of it by boosting the performance of your website by using some simple tricks. This will help you spend your time productively and help to improve your website performance.

When a visitor visits your website, you just have a couple of seconds to impress them. It is that four-five seconds that will decide that he will be coming back to your page or not. If your website takes too long to load, the visitor loses his interest and exits your page with no second thought. Here are some tips to fix this problem right away and enhance website performance.

  • Ensure your Site’s Responsiveness for Better Performance:-

People spend most of their time on their cellphones when they are not working. If your site is not great to look or visit through mobile phones, who are losing visitors more than you think. Even Google prefers websites that are responsive to all sorts of devices. Hence, you can get more visitors and improve your SEO ranking, both at once by making your website responsive.

  • Speed up Your Site by Compressing Images:-

To speed up your website, you should compress all the photos that are used on your website. Media of large size are often the main reason why your site takes time to load. You add images to enhance the look of your page, it should possibly not backfire you by weakening the performance of your website. You can do it while uploading images or even once you are done.

  • Upgrade Performance of the site by making Navigation Easy:-

Any website can impress the visitor in just one look by ensuring the best user experience. And to do that, you want to make it easy to use, make everything simple to find that visitors will be looking for while visiting your page. Keep your menu with minimal important things and you will be done. Keep your navigation bar fixed and descriptive for visitors to understand.

  • Upgrade your Hosting Plan to Improve the Website’s Performance:-

While we start in the online business, shared hosting fulfils the purpose. But as the size and amount of the content grow, so does the traffic that you get daily. In such a scenario, you might want to consider upgrading your hosting service. It will hugely contribute to improving the performance of your website. However, which hosting plan is suitable for you depends on your website’s requirements.

  • Make Sure to Have a Clear CTA:-

If your website has no Call To Action, you need to put one up, immediately. You have no clue how much sales you are missing out on by not putting up a Call To Action. As crazy as it sounds, a recent article on CTA says that a red CTA key was clicked on 21% more as compared to a green key. If it has such a visible impact, why not try it out for yourself.

  • Rephrase your Titles:-

It happens in some situations that the visitors are looking for a specific type of content which you already have on your site by it has a different heading which means the same. You do not want your visitors to drift away for not having that exact word or two. Use headings that are not complex and it must contain words that are easy to understand. The heading of your content also leads to more or fewer readers on your site. Hence, it has to be approachable and relatable.

  • Reconsider your Website’s Colour Scheme:-

As discussed the preference of colour in the CTA point, the same concept is applicable for all the sections of the pages of your website. Choose one primary dominant colour for the complete website and add a few other shades that compliment the main colour by achieving a perfectly balanced look for your site. Adding too much colour might not be pleasing to look and just a single colour while not enhance any element on your page. Hence, the colour scheme for your website is essential equally.

  • Add More Images:-

The human mind is naturally driven more towards images than it is to the words. Visitors look more at the photos as compared to reading the content/words on the website. Hence, using more images can be intriguing and engaging for visitors. Add more photos to your articles to make it more fun and interesting to look. The images that you put up on the page do not have to be yours, just make sure they do not have any brand’s logo on them.

Make the best use of your time because this time is not going to come back. Make the best use of it. Stay safe and productive!

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