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According to an article, around 70% of users of WordPress site get exposure to hacking by various means of spamming. As WordPress is a known platform and is actively in use by the majority of users, hackers will attack it to harm a major amount of users at once. Although it is not possible to take too much of security precautions in WordPress. There are a few steps that users can follow to take necessary prevention. To avoid such threats and circumstances.

  • Make use of Security Plugins:-

One of the initial steps that users need to take while building a WordPress site is to download a security plugin and install it. Installing a trustworthy plugin will surely protect your website at a great extent. A security plugin will help you to manage various things such as a firewall by WordPress. A robust password generator, monitoring suspicious activities, two-factor authentication and much more. It is a simple and very helpful step in terms of security which users should follow at all times.

  • Keeping themes and plugins up to date:-

Another step you can take to ensure absolute safety is by keeping your WordPress theme and plugins updated. It is to be done from time to time. This is an essential step to do. Because if you are not keeping it updated then you are allowing your website to expose to hackers and spammers. The updates brought by WordPress is when they find a bug in the security, they fix the issue and publish it as an update. You do not want to be missing on these updates as they are the updated security measures and your current version might have issues in it which makes it vulnerable to hacking. As WordPress is an open-source, various themes and plugins are by third-party developers and it makes it easy for the spammers.

  • Ensure using SSL on the Site:-

SSL certificate is a vital part of your WordPress security and you need to ensure having that by all means. SSL assists in encryption of any content that is available on your site that is put up by the visitors which may include ids and passwords or any personal information. When you finish the process of installation of SSL certificate, you will be able to see a secured padlock in the URL which begins with HTTPS. It is an indication that your connection is secure. Previously, SSL was essentially used only by the eCommerce websites. But now, it has become an important part of all sorts of website’s security steps.

  • Choosing a Secure Host:-

This is the precaution that you need to take even before the process of building a WordPress site begins. It is essential to choose a secured web host provider because if one website is exposed to hacking then it leads to other websites on the server vulnerable to hacking as well. It is because if one website on a server is not secure it invades the privacy of other websites who share the same resources too. Hence, it is very crucial to choose a trustworthy hosting service provider. It plays an important role in terms of security. The hosting providers ensure the security of websites through timely backups, firewalls, malware scanning, updating the software, the hardware as well as the operating system. These mentioned steps are important at the end of hosting provider which the decision of choosing the right hosting provider quite important.

  • Changing passwords on the Site:-

Check all your passwords and change them to strong passwords for all logins. You can store all the passwords at a secured and personal location for all the users. But make sure that you protect every critical login and information with a strong password. Let your password contain alphanumeric characters, special characters and in upper and lower cases. Also, make sure to keep your password storage encrypted and secured. You can also enable two-factor authentication wherever it is available to ensure double security on your websites.

These are the few steps by which you can enable necessary security precautions and be at least exposure to hacking. By following these tips you can keep your website safe and secure from hackers.

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