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Does my website need to be mobile adaptive? Yes, absolutely yes! The reason being that most of the people when they are off work, they visit websites via mobile phones and not computers or laptops. People like browsing on their phones more than they do not computers. And that is the sole purpose why big brands always make their website mobile-friendly because they are aware of the fact that around 8 out of 10 visitors are using phones to browse.

A website is responsive means that the content is easy to read, the buttons with links are easily accessible and the website can be visited from the cellphones. Here are a few tricks which will help you make your website mobile-friendly.

  • Switch to a Responsive theme:-

If yours is a new website or a site that is not yet receiving a huge amount of traffic regularly, the simplest technique you can use to make your website responsive is to change your current theme to a responsive one. Doing that will automatically make your website ready to be visited via any device and visitors will enjoy visiting your website. All you will need to do is look for a responsive theme that suits your requirements, pick a design that you like and install it. You will have a mobile-friendly website ready to serve the purpose.

  • Cut down your Forms:-

If you have researched about making your website responsive then you already know about this one. You need to put up limited content on your website to make sure that it has only important points that one needs to know. For doing that, you will have to edit or trim your forms and ask only the necessary fields to make it very appropriate and to the point. You can not have too much stuff going on on the site as it will not let your website become responsive as it will lead to more load time.

  • Compress Media Files:-

One of the important step to make your pages mobile-friendly is to optimize the size of the media files that are used on your website. You do not want your website to take too long to load which will lead to a negative image of your brand. Being responsive simply means being quick. Your website should be very prompt and fast so that even the visitors enjoy browsing on your site and they keep coming back again. It can only happen if the images or videos on your website are not as large as big size files take too much time to load.

  • Ensure your Site has Simple Navigation:-

As the size of the website will be much smaller on the mobile phone as compared to that on the computer, you want to make sure that all the required pages or sections are available in the navigation list to make the website user friendly. Every option in the navigation menu should fit directly in the screen and let the menu be simple, prompt, visible and self-explanatory. Do not use complex terms in the menu as that will confuse the visitor. Keep it short and simple.

  • Prefer a Simple and Responsive Design:-

Many times people forget the power of simplicity and choose too quirky designs just to be unique which does not lead to anything good. Keeping website simple impresses most the people as it becomes easy to use and understand. Visitors do not like complex items neither for the content nor for the design. Making a website simple makes it very user friendly and adaptive to all the devices and for all kinds of visitors. Hence you want everything to be straight forward and to the point.

  • Do not block Image files or CSS to be Responsive:-

To make sure that your website is mobile-friendly, you need to disable all sorts of blocking of Javascript or CSS or even the image files. Ensure it while coding that you are not using any commands of blocking them. A pro tip to remember is that the more specialized your coding is, the less likely it is to be responsive. A website to become mobile-friendly, it does not just require great responsive design but responsive coding as well.

During this quarantine, make sure to make your free time productive by using these tips and making all your websites responsive.

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