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Starting a new website can be a ride full of ups and downs. There is too much to learn and know in the tech world. WordPress is one such place for sure. However, it can be tricky in the initial phase to understand the terms that are often used by the developers. You must know a bunch of terms and its functionality to understand the process better. Let me guide you to know a few of them in this post and I hope that it will help you in some way or the other to understand how WordPress works.

  • WordPress

WordPress is an open-source platform that can be used to create a website of your choice. It is a very well-known content management system that allows you to make your website in just a few simple steps. It does not require any knowledge on the part of coding. Also, as it is an open-source platform, various groups and communities can come in handy if one needs guidance at any step.

  • Home page

The home page is the location or the page where a visitor is landed when he navigates to any website’s domain name. For instance, hostingitright.com.

  • .COM

WordPress.com are the websites that are hosted by WordPress on its servers. They also offer various features in different plans purchased by the users.

  • .ORG

Another kind of websites by WordPress is WordPress.org websites where websites are not hosted by them. Whereas, users need to manage their hosting on their private servers. Hence, the websites are hosted and managed by users.

  • CMS

A CMS is a Content Management System is the place where the users manage their digital content. One such platform is WordPress where users manage their content that is available on the website.

  • Blog

A blog is a kind of informational website where digital discussions can take place. Blogs where initially a private kind of information but it has become a public platform over time. Various brands and organizations choose this platform to bring out their views and perspectives to everybody.

A web host is an online storage space for your web content. It is a place where the users can upload all kinds of media files and content that they wish to be available on their website. Web hosting service plan can be purchased from a hosting provider wherein you will be able to get a certain limited space for a while.

  • cPanel

cPanel or Control Panel is a WordPress website hosting controlling place that enables customization of the website through its automated tools. The panel is very straight forward to use and makes the process simplified as well.

  • Domain Name

The domain name is the identity of your website that consists of letters and numbers. It is a combination that allows people to access the website through their devices. For instance, our domain name is hostingitright.com, so you’ll have to input the name to access our website on your phone/tablet or computer.

  • Subdomain

A single domain can be divided into multiple domain names for a company’s respective requirements. For instance, blog.hostingitright.com, here ‘blog’ is the subdomain. Many such subdomains can be created under a common domain name.

  • URL

URL i.e. Uniform Resource Locator is used for the address of a website. A website’s URL can also be used to access a website. URL along with the domain name together is known as the address of any website.

  • DNS

Domain Name Servers exists in case if the users use different domain registrars and hosting services. DNS is used within the registrar’s account to indicate the servers given by your web host.

  • SSL

Secured Socket Layer or SSL is a certification that creates an extra layer of security between the visitors and your WordPress website. It makes a secure channel from your website to the visitor’s browser. It enables a padlock icon that is visible as a prefix of URL/domain name to the visitors.

  • CSS

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is a different web language that is used to create and add various features to the existing scripts in the HTML files without having to edit the HTML files.

  • Dedicated IP

A dedicated IP comes in use in the process of SSL Certificate activation. It is the IP address that is dedicated to the website and does not use the IP of the hosting provider.

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