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The humongous impact of this pandemic situation is on the economy of the world. It is leading to various major crises in the nation. It is high time that we as in the tech pros have to do some damage control before its too late. As if anything is not done soon, the consequences that the country will suffer is more than we can think of. Businesses that are small-sized and medium ones are going to suffer the most.

Except for lockdown, many of the professionals are still working each day to help us fight this situation such as doctors, essential workers, and policemen. They are available for us despite thinking about their safety and health. So, we can too, do our part not on the front end but at least what we can do along with staying safe. We can assist small businesses to grow and thereby improve the economic health of the country.

Let us see how can we do that.

Update the customers of your current potential and services you are offering:

All sorts of businesses are affected due to the COVID situation. Activities are carried out only with the help of work from home and field sales have completely gone to sleep. So, the best suggestion you can give to your customers that can help them are:

  • Help them set up their eCommerce store and guide them on how can they reach out to their customers online, be it a service or a physical product.
  • Provide your customers with internal links and also for their staff so that they can carry out their activities smoothly.
  • As everybody is stuck at home, they are spending a lot of time on social media than ever before. This can be used as an opportunity to promote business online and become more visible. Depending on the type of business and potential customers, suggest the appropriate plans to carry out social media marketing.
  • Assist them in figuring out online sources of income such as online courses, digital products, and also eBooks. Your part here is to help them understand how it works.

There are many other ways you can help them to carry out online businesses. It is a crucial situation and the only way to cope up with it is by helping each other in whatever manner one can.

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Guidance on how can one track the changing number of COVID cases:

It is of high importance to keep a track of data in a situation like now. It includes

  • Time of propagation
  • Number of cases
  • Updated guidelines
  • Hotspots location

This can be of huge help to understand the trend and to know what are we going through. Once you have enough data to study the trend and figure out a pattern, you can decide on adequate measures one can undertake to defeat this situation and also to break the trend.

Become a part of global actions undertaken to keep a track:

There are a bunch of giant techs such as Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Pinterest that have come in association with the World Health Organization, have come up with the concept of COVID-19 Hackathon.

India’s COVID-19 Hackathon invited pros of techs, healthcare, and other businesses to collaborate and build a project that will help minimize the aftereffect of the crisis. You can help create awareness of these projects and also you can be a part of this.

Carry out updates of COVID 19 for free:

We are aware of the fact that all sorts of businesses have affected due to the COVID crisis and everybody is actively doing their part of undertaking precautions and measures to fight with it and avoid the spreading of it.

The customers of the businesses need to be aware of the measures their businesses are undertaking even though it is affecting their business health. They are strictly following the rule of social distancing to avoid any problems for their employees and customers.

As a techy pro, we can help our customers to posts these updates on their websites or their social media handles for free. This will not take a lot of time or effort on your part but will be a gesture your customers won’t forget.

Lastly, you can help by contributing to the dataset on Stock Exchange Platforms:

By contributing to the dataset, you will be helping the economy understand the pattern of the market. The dataset hugely depends upon contributors like us and also it is free for everybody.

These are some of the ways you can help to help save the economy of the country. Undoubtedly there are various other methods you can help to that but these are some of the options that you can consider if you want to contribute to saving the nation from the pandemic through your expertise. You can do your part by staying safe in your space.

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