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Are looking out for a new website hosting or upgrade for an existing one? You might have come across various service providers that offer unlimited hosting. You might think that what can be better than having it unlimited, that too in your budget? But is that true? Let us find out.

Let us look at Unlimited Hosting:-

Unlimited Hosting is sort of like being at an unlimited buffet. Many people are done in just two plates, which in turn is the profit earning technique used by the restaurants. Same is the case with the providers of unlimited hosting. They very well know that all the users are not going to make use of most of the hosting and they are paying much more than they are using. Also, even if you try to use most of the resources for the money you have paid, they will have various limitations for you.

Hosting providers that offer unlimited hosting will do so by giving unlimited bandwidth or storage space. In most cases, these service providers offer unlimited hosting only for shared hosting. This is because they are aware of the fact that any user that needs more resources will upgrade from shared hosting.

What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the data that is transferred among your visitors, internet and your website. The amount of data you have depends on the speed of transfer of data. Hosting providers offer bandwidth that ranges from 1GB to 100GB in their packages. The more bandwidth, the quicker loading time of your website.

A website that does not have regular traffic can opt for shared hosting. Since most of the local providers offer unlimited hosting only for the shared ones, they earn their profit. But the actual catch is, the ones who can make the best use of unlimited hosting can not stick with shared hosting. They need an upgrade to cloud or VPS for more access to other resources.

Unlimited / Unmetered:-

There are hosting providers that offer unlimited hosting. But you need to go through their terms and conditions carefully to understand what are they offering. Some of them have such schemes along with a condition that you are payable post 10GB of bandwidth. This means that you have to pay once you have used 10GB of bandwidth data. This kind of plan is not exactly unlimited is what we are trying to explain. Hence it is essential to do proper research before you buy yourself a hosting plan.

Unmetered data is a little different from this type. In this plan, your amount of data transferred will not be calculated at any point. You are truly able to have an unlimited amount of data. However, you will be eligible to pay a certain fixed amount each month, whether you use 1GB or 20GB of data.

Unmetered storage space is of similar ideology. In this plan, you will be getting unlimited disk space for your website. Although, it does come with a few of its limitations. You will not be able to use this plan for any heavy media usage such as photography websites or any media website for that matter. That is the catch right there, you will be getting unlimited space, but it isn’t offered to those who will be able to make the best of it.

Shall I opt for Unlimited Hosting?

Service providers will never offer plans that are solely profitable to their customers. They will have some sort of profit-making strategy for themselves or it will be just a marketing strategy for the brand. This post is therefore published to give our viewers a better understanding of the tricks used by hosting providers to attract more and more customers. Any company who is looking out for hosting solutions for a new website or to upgrade from a current hosting plan? Please do your research and understand your requirements beforehand. Then finalize your decision, this will help you choose the one that you need currently.

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