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Before publishing your WordPress blogs, there are a bunch of things you need to take care of. Doing that will help you create a permanent audience, and also enhance the visitor’s experience by making it more engaging. It will also help you to build a robust blogging website over time. You cannot be just writing blogs and that’s it. There are a few more things that you will be needing to make it an apt blogging site.

  • About You

Create an ‘About’ page. Let your audience know you better. Write a few words about yourself, your team and your brand. This will let people in engaging more with your site better. It also helps the audience to know about you and your brand that helps in creating brand awareness in the market. The primary content should be an introduction of you and your people, an image of your team and a brief about your career/journey. You can, however, customize your page, that depends on your way of approach completely. Make it a happening page that is all about you.

  • Social Media

You need to maintain accounts on social media to be engaging more with the audience. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and much more. They help in reaching out to the public. You can always get more views and shares on your blogs by promoting on social media. If it is taken care of properly, social media also contributes to building loyal audiences. It is an excellent and free way of marketing your brand. Social media is used more and more daily, people of all sorts of interests and groups are present on social media. It becomes very easy to approach and promote your brand with the help of social media. Hence, it becomes essential to have regularly updated social media accounts.

  • Contact Me

You should be easily accessible to your audience for engaging more with them. You don’t need to necessarily add your details on this page. Only email ids and your city will do the needful. Add a ‘Contact’ page on your website. You can also add a contact form in case if you don’t wish to add your contact number on the page. People who are looking to getting in touch can do that by filling those forms. Either way, you need to have a separate page on your website. Visitors should not find it difficult to contact you. It does not create a good impression on the audience. Try to always increase engagement with your readers.

  • Direct Sharing

This is one of the most essential steps that you need to follow to promote your blogs/posts and make them engaging. Providing social media buttons for direct sharing your blogs is quite important. It enables the promotion and sharing of each blog and not just the page or brand. It helps to create access to your posts to the people who do not know about your page. The share buttons that you add on your page should be visible to the audience and it needs to be easily accessible.

Visitors should be just one click away from sharing your posts with their communities. Visitors actively share posts and blogs regularly if they find the topic or content relatable/relevant. Hence, make sure you do not miss this step at any cost. Using these links by the author on your page itself will also keep your social media pages updated which makes it a win-win situation.

  • Responsiveness

Any website be it an eCommerce or a Blogging one, it must be responsive to be engaging. It is because the majority of the visitors access blogs on their phones/tablets. If people are off work, they don’t prefer using their pcs or laptops to read blogs. It makes having a responsive design very essential. It won’t take much effort or time to make your site responsive, but it will be very useful in the long run. So make sure that your website has a responsive design and is easily accessible through other devices as well.

  • Comment Section

The ‘comment’ section below the posts or blogs is the primary method in engaging and direct communication with the audience. Try to place it efficiently so that it is visible and is responsive too. You can build up your community with the help of good engagement and discussions in the comments section. It gives you complete control over the comments section, you can delete comments that are irrelevant, inappropriate or offensive to anybody. You can turn off the section for specific posts if you need to. Do not keep it off for every post as it will not help you in engagement with the visitors.

Above mentioned factors will help you to create a good and engaging blogging website. You need to create a website that allows more and more engagement as that will help you grow eventually. I hope this post was helpful to you, do comment below if you have any suggestions or queries regarding the same. Happy Blogging!

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