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Currently, the world is dealing with an unpredictable crisis. And we all don’t know when can we expect everything back on track. During this time, the only way any firm can keep things going is through work from home. But that has its pros and cons, and all of our businesses are exposed to hacking than ever before. So it is best to carry out these steps of precautions to add a firewall and keep our data safe as we are not prepared to go through any other crisis along with the one going on.

As most of us are working from home, it has become easy to get hacked as we are away from all usual security protections of company networks. Not just the higher authorities but the employees too are stressed about the current situation which can lead to becoming the part of phishing easily as every person is spending more than the required amount of time and social media.

By clicking on any inviting or interesting links provided in the emails or on social media, all the information that our employee that stored in the device can be accessible to the hacker without the employee knowing. They can misuse this data in any manner to make a profit of their own or they can even share this data with anybody.

Considering all the above things mentioned, there couldn’t be a better time to increase the level of security and safety precautions for all the employees in your firm. We will have to be smart and take the necessary steps so that we are strong enough to face the worst. Installing a firewall helps us to create an obstacle for any sort of suspicious traffic but also gives access to a genuine user. Let us now understand how can we select the appropriate firewall for our needs.

How can we select a suitable firewall?

Deciding on the appropriate firewall can be critical provided a wide range of scope and features of various firewalls. The choice of a firewall highly depends on the size of the organization and also its network infrastructure. Although, except for the size of the firm, there are a bunch of features that a firewall needs to possess to fulfil the needs of any sort of firm, which are,

  • VPNs:
    A VPN can help in keeping the network connection secured by connecting an unsecured public network to the company’s private network. This feature makes it a must-have quality in any firewall as it maintains security for every individual that is working from home through his private network setup.
  • Web Filtering:
    It is nothing but the process of filtering the content that a user accesses over the internet. Being an administrator, one can customize the firewall and restrict the users from using the types of content through their networks.
  • In-depth inspection:
    This is an exceptional feature that some firewalls have. In that, the firewall en routes the data packets that go through the networks. Depending on the customizations set by the administrator, if the firewall becomes suspicious of containing viruses or anything of that sort in the data packets, it then drops the packets and does not allow to go through.
  • IPS:
    IPS .ie. intrusion prevention system looks after the network and updates the administrator of any potential attacks. It does that so that you can take a call on what action should be taken in that respective case to ensure the security of the data.
  • Virus and Malware filtering:
    Firewall constructs an obstacle around your network and scans the network regularly looking for viruses and malware. In the process, if the firewall suspects on being unsafe, it immediately discontinues the connection with that network to avoid any damage to the network and data.

OS Firewall:

Our operating systems i.e. windows or MAC does have an inbuilt firewall of their own. Although it is pretty basic and the scope of it is quite limited. It can provide security to a single network and is appropriate for users who do not deal with sensitive data.

Third-party Firewall:

It is a suitable option for individuals that deal with sensitive data that includes personal information about their customers being their ID proofs or any other data. It provides better security as compared to OS Firewall.

Firewall Router:

It is not practically possible to install. And manage firewalls on each system especially if the size of the organization is comparatively big. In that case, a firewall router comes in handy which can be configured with additional features. To increase the safety of the network for all the employees at once.

Enterprise Router:

Large firms need a unified risk management system that can manage huge traffics at once. When a large amount of traffic is accessing the network at the same time.

Steps to install a firewall:

There are majorly four steps in installing a firewall security system in any sort of network, which are,

  • Step One: Protected connection to the firewall:

Anybody, for sure, does not want the hackers to receive access to their firewall software. Thus, one needs to make sure to give administrator access to only trustable authorities who can responsibly take care of it. And to ensure utmost security, protect their logins with very strong passwords.

  • Step Two: Describe network design:

After customizing the controls of access the users can design multiple groups in your network by arranging. The ones with sensitive info in the network with limited access and traffic from the internet. However, complications come along with the price of resources to handle such kind of network.

  • Step Three: Setting up the Firewall:

This is the most important step of the process, where you will have to set up the settings of the firewall depending on your needs. And requirements to have proper control over the traffic that you get on your network. You can also add filters for data depending on your organizational needs. These filters can vary at different groups of the network in the firewall depending on their respective requirements.

  • Step Four: Final Testing:

The final step is to test and check if all the settings are set according to your organizational requirements. And you can modify them whenever the situation demands it. You can also apply in-depth testing to check the power of your Firewall.


Installing, maintaining, and using the appropriate firewall has become of utmost importance more than ever. It is a precaution that has to be taken and is not compromisable to ensure your organizational data security. Also, it is a suggestion to create awareness about the same amongst your customers to enable everyone’s security. It is high time to be highly cautious and avoid any sort of risk.

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