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Shortcodes in WordPress can be extremely helpful when it comes to developing a website. However, it is always misjudged and under-estimated by most of the WordPress users. This could be because they are not familiar with the dos & don’ts of shortcodes. Shortcodes are an independent piece of code that comes in brackets like [these] that follow a certain command on that page. You can add your customized shortcode on your website to perform any sort of function. There is no need for any coding knowledge to learn about coding. It is pretty simplified and straight forward. Below mentioned are few tricks which will help you make better use of shortcodes on your WordPress site.

  • How do they function?

If you are new at WordPress or developing website, there are few terms you should be familiar with. It will help you understand the various terminologies that are often used in WordPress. Knowing these terms will help you know the basics and primary functions of WordPress. Shortcodes can be added in any widgets by using the text widget option. All you have to do is place the text widget wherever you need your function to perform and then add your shortcode for the desired command. And that’s it. There is nothing more than you need to do.

Shortcodes are small parts of codes and are not any plugin that you will have to install. You can add it on any page and any part of the page. It can be added either by using Visual or Text mode in the text editor to any post or page. There are various pre-added shortcodes in the WordPress site that perform basic functions on the website. These are present in the core coding of WordPress. Some more shortcodes come along with the themes of WordPress. It is because themes come with various features that are pre-installed.

Shortcodes can be added from external sources as well that are embeddable on your site. There are a few features or functions that you want on your website are not present in your current theme. In such situations, you can add the shortcode of that specific functionality to your post or page. Themes or plugins can not have all features that you want, at least not for free. In cases like these, they come handy. Various communities like Facebook groups, Pinterest and Twitter that have shortcodes which can be readily used on your websites for any specified functions. All you have to do is copy and paste the shortcode as per your need. Shortcodes can function along with the plugins installed and on any kind of pages, it will help you make your website more customized and appealing.

  • Avoid overusing Shortcodes

They are easy and straightforward means of getting what you need on your website. However, using them minimally is a good way of using it. Since shortcodes are added manually, adding a lot of them will result in consuming more time to load. So overusing the shortcodes will affect the speed and performance of your website. That is why it is recommended to use it rightly and adequately, not using it more than necessary.

  • Begin with the Default Ones

Just because you know about features that can be added through shortcodes does not necessarily mean that you need to add them. Basic performing features are pre-installed in the core coding and themes that you upload on the site. Firstly we should discover what is already installed on the site. If you want to add anything to that, then you can do that by your customized shortcodes. There is no sense in adding extra shortcodes on the site that will just lengthen the page. Keep your pages minimal and to the point. Adding extra features or content spoils the look and feel of the website.

  • Use Shortcode Plugin

If you feel there is more need for shortcodes, then you can also install a shortcode plugin. There are a bunch of them available on WordPress. These plugins help you run the installed plugins and also to make new shortcodes to perform specific functionality. Hence, installing a plugin can guide you through the process and be very helpful.

  • Make own Shortcodes

Shortcodes contribute to performing certain functions that help you add features on your website. It doesn’t require any kind of coding or technical knowledge to work on. Just knowing how shortcodes function and that will be all. You will not require any further skill to work on it. They are a simple way of adding features and customization to any post or page of your website. You can have functionalities as per your need without any help by a developer or a WordPress expert.

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