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Now is the best time to work on your online reputation as a business. Building a loyal audience can be challenging at the beginning. However, it pays back in the long run. Being digitally available is optimizing your business to make it futuristic. The pandemic situation has portrayed the importance of technology and online business in the best way possible. Hence, it is high time we all be available online not just as customer, but as a part of a brand too. To be digitally present for your potential customers, a website needs to have a good ranking in SEO.

Having better SEO score will help you in being visible on google search results. The position of the ranking depends on the SEO score of your website. In this post, we will be discussing how you can increase traffic by using these tricks to improvise your SEO score. Whether your site is an eCommerce store or brand that provides any kind of service, having a good website always add to the reputation of the company. A good website comprises of the right content, appropriate images and a good SEO score. Let us see how can we work and improve the SEO score of our website.

  • Develop your site with a strong foundation:

Having a good foundation for your website will ensure the quality and performance of your website. Things like domain, hosting, website builder do not seem important at initial stages but are very important decisions to make. It is like the basement of any building. If the base is strong, the building will always stand strong. However, if the base is weak, the building will fall in any natural disasters.

So is with websites, if you build it with good hosting plans, it will enhance the speed of the website. But if the hosting services are purchased by an average service provider, the resources used by the website will also be average and so be the performance of your site. Hence, check reviews and compare plans by different providers before choosing that will help in improving the SEO of your website.

  • The right choice of Keywords:

Keywords are the most essential factor to work on when it comes to SEO. The functioning of SEO is hugely dependant on the keywords that are used on the website. That makes it a critical factor to consider. Words that are not complex, used in simple terms, that are appropriate, should be used on the website. Keywords do not necessarily be unique or uncommon. On the contrary, it should be the most common term for the concept that is the audience is familiar with. Using technical words to sound smart will not be helpful for this platform. This is because the one who is visiting your website is not professional in your field. You are. You need to deliver your message using terms that a person with no knowledge of it can understand.

For example, while I am writing this post, if I use complex and technical words to explain the impact of SEO, it will not be perceived rightly who does not know about it. Hence, while uploading content on the website, simple terms are used to make it more user friendly. It should be understandable to people who are completely unfamiliar with the concept. This will help in building a loyal audience. People will visit your website more if they can understand clearly what you are trying to convey without putting any effort.

  • Perform SEO on individual pages:

After adding the right keywords, you can perform a series of actions to know the SEO of all the pages of your website. This helps you work on the SEO score on each page and break it down for you. It allows you to understand which page needs to be worked on and which pages are ready. Performing SEO for the complete website should be the final step of your process. But you should begin with individual pages to ensure better results. You can work on the pages by checking the content of the page.

Add only relevant information on your page. Try to convey more using fewer words. Use images and other media files wherever necessary. But do not overuse them. Use keywords in the title of your page, in the meta description and the headings of your content. This will contribute to better SEO ranking of your website. Add internals links, i.e. link up pages within the website and add external links as well. Internal link e.g., also read: Why is VPS Hosting Is Ideal For Growing Websites

  • SEO’s Last Step:

The final step to improve your SEO is including/ registering your business in google listing. If your business has a physical presence, make sure to list it in google my business. It is free of cost and provides people with your contact information. This helps the people who are looking out for services you provide with your contact information. You also need the links of your social accounts on your website.

Adding social links on your website helps to build a loyal audience. It gives access to them to connect with you at social media and learn by your brand and perspective better. Thus, adding social media links has more benefits to it than just SEO. Working on your SEO score turns out to be beneficial, it could be soon or might take a while. But it always is good to have a website with enhanced features and performance.

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