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The theme of any website is the heart and soul of the site. You can either make it colourful and full of features or keep it simple and elegant. The idea of the brand can be portrayed with the help of the theme of the website. It can also be said as the choice of theme indicates the idea of the brand. Hence, it should be dedicated time to look for and finalise the most appropriate one. There are more than thousands of themes that are available and ready to use or WordPress. The type of theme depends on the type of website you are working on.

  • Breviter

If the requirement of your website is for blogging or for writing articles, then you should check out this theme. It is an appropriate choice for a simple and minimalistic design that is pretty simple to use. You can add posts, images and other media files that you need on your pages.

  • Obsidian

This is one of the ideal themes that is meant for adding content by creative artists. It is because the features of this theme are very apt to display any sort of media files can view them in a predetermined sequence or as a playlist. The minimalist design of this theme lets you showcase the talents of the artists in the best possible way.

  • Business

As the name suggests, this one is suitable for any type of business. It can be easily set up as an eCommerce website. Features like prices, multiple images can be added for products and services. Pages for posts or blogs can also be added and edited on this theme.

  • Hueman

This theme features multipurpose requirements like on-site search, integrated maps and graphics. Themes like these suits the kind of websites for businesses like travel agency, hotels, spas and other luxury services. It helps showcase multiple amenities of these business services with the help of high-resolution graphics, images and their descriptions.

  • Magazine

Magazine theme is for businesses that intend to feature news or articles that are not static. As the headlines and latest news are subject to change, this theme adapts to the purpose. It updates the pages and shows the latest uploads first featuring the media files updated with the articles.

  • Trends

This theme is for businesses that are looking to represent its content with the help of a bunch of images. For example, any real estate business or journalists. The main focus of these themes are sliders and hence are meant for those content that needs images for all its content parts.

  • Shapely

An option for a great online store is Shapely. This is a wonderful eCommerce store that includes the features that are required in a digital store. Options like reviews, filters are readily available in the theme that is easy to customise. It can be tailored for any type of business or service.

  • Zillah

If you want a website that indicates a rainbow, i.e. full of colours, this is the one to go for. Zilah is one of such themes that has a gazillion of colour combinations to choose from. It is known for this unique feature. If your taste demands some uncommon combination of colours, try out this theme.

  • iMAX

This theme is best for its simplicity and elegance. This theme is well-known for being a fully responsive website. It enables live editing on the pages that make the process very straightforward and simple to work with. It allows easy updating of content that is live on your website.

  • GeneratePress

This is one of the most well-compressed themes that is completely responsive to all sort of devices. It is an eCommerce theme that is predesigned to be responsive. A theme with all great features is always great to work with. This is one such theme.

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