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Step By Step Guide to do an SSL Redirect

HTTP websites are gradually been taken over by secured HTTPS websites. This is happening due to an increase in security and protection demand of content day by day. SSL then comes into the picture. Everyone is cautious about data protection due to facts and figures about hacking and phishing is taking place enormously. Involving s series of steps has become essential to ensure the protection and safety of all kind of data that we as a customer or as a vendor put up on the internet. Some websites have data that are very critical and should be protected at all costs. Secured connection in such scenarios takes the front seat and is asked being the utmost priority.

Advantages of SSL:-

Being a website developer or an owner, you are completely aware of the purpose of designing the website. The main intention is to either gain some kind of income or to help in building a loyal audience. While doing so, you cannot risk the protection of content or facts that you are willing to put up on your website. Websites that have security by SSL i.e. Secured Socket Layer helps in ensuring the security of your website. SSL is that technology which exists only to ensure the protection of a particular website.  It adds a layer of protection that makes your website security strong and hard to get hacked. It is a step that everyone should take. Simply because you do not want to be exposed to hacking.

SEO Advantages:-

Achieving a good SEO ranking is the ultimate goal of any website. It can be an eCommerce website or any blogging one, the main focus always remains SEO. SSL too contributes to the estimation of SEO ranking. It is because it is an essential safety step to undertake and search engines rank highly to the websites that ensure optimum security and safety. If your website does not have SSL then it can be difficult to achieve online visibility and a good SEO ranking. Hence, make sure you do have it on your website.

Ensure Security:-

Websites that do not adapt to any sort of precautionary measures for security are prone to get hacked. Hackers look for websites that do not have any strong passwords or security layers. As they are easy to break-in. Understand it by thinking of locking any apartment. If you use a common lock for your doors, it is easy to break-in. Whereas if you install security cameras, robbers or any miscellaneous person will not be able to try to break-in. Same is with SSL and your website. If you have a layer of protection installed, any miscellaneous connection will try to avoid it and go for another website that will be less risky for him. SSL ensures security throughout your website and its content. It will block access to any unknown visitor that is trying to play with your website or trying to hack it.

Build Trust with SSL:-

SSL not only ensures your safety and security, but it enables the protection of the visitors too. SSL provides security on both the ends, on the website’s end and also on the visitor’s end. It contributes to establishing trust between you and your audience. Since it provides security to the visitors as well, they start trusting you and your brand. They become more willing to interact with you and visit your page again and again. It means that it will also help in building a loyal audience for your website and your brand. Visitors also like to share pages with their friends and relative that is safe and secure. Hence, it has more benefits than you can think of.

Redirect with SSL:-

When you get your SSL installed, you will be needing your visitors to visit on your HTTPS website and not on the HTTP old website. Here comes the redirecting part. You will have to redirect your visitors from HTTP to HTTPS through automation. Visitors will not take the effort of inputting the updated hyperlink. You will have to add automation for redirection of visitors. The method to do the same will depend on the kind of server for website is on. There is not just one method or one right way to do the redirecting process. The most suitable way to do it will depend on the type of your website.

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