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Is a professional email important? The answer is yes. To make your business presentable and a trustworthy brand, you need a professional email address that represents your company. It is very essential for any and every kind of company. It is the first thing your customers look at when they get in touch with you. Just an email id can indicate if you are professional or not. Also, it helps you keep your personal and professional emails separate to avoid any sort of confusion. You want to create a good impression on your potential customers and having a professional email id will help you do that.

Creating a professional email id is not that difficult, we will discuss the process soon. However, it has a huge impact and benefits than we can think of. Also, it does not even add a significant amount to your expenses but has various advantages to it. Easy to create and low maintenance, and helps you make a good first impression. What more can we ask for? Let us move to the steps to create a professional email address.

  • Having a unique domain name:-

The first step for a professional email id is the purchase of domain name along with a hosting service. Domain purchases mostly do offer free email ids relating to that domain name. Although, some of them do have paid email ids in the hosting package. If you happen to have an existing hosting services, you can ask your provider to offer email addresses with it.  It could be paid or for free, depending on the hosting service that you have chosen.

The steps of creating a domain name and email id are similar if you purchase it from brands like GoDaddy, Hostinger, etc. While purchasing your domain, you will be offered email addresses in the package as an add-on. You need to check them carefully. Rightly choosing your domain name is important for various reasons and professional email address is one of them. It is because it will be included in your company’s email id as well.

  • Make a new email account:-

Next step is to make a new email account on your domain. You can do that by logging into your cPanel. After logging in, look for email section and click on email accounts option. You will be redirected on the email creation page. On this page, you can input the email address that you need to create which is by default followed by youremailaddress@yourwebsite.com. Make sure while creating an email address that you create an email id that is easily memorable for your customers. It portrays the standards of your company. Hence, you must have noticed that professional email addresses follow a standardised format for all their ids.

Here are a few email addresses for instance:

  1. jacob@yourwebsite.com
  2. riyasharma@yourwebsite.com
  3. pfernandes@yourwebsite.com
  4. paulf@yourwebsite.com

To make it simple, if you have limited people in your firm, you can use only the first name in the email address. If there are considerably more employees you can use either full first name with surname’s initials or vice versa. If it is a very big company, use both, like in example 2. It is your call. All you have to remember is keeping it simple. Let it be simple enough to be easily remembered by your clients.

Avoid using numbers or special characters in the address. It is because it makes it difficult for the customers to remember. Keeping it simple and straight forward is the key. When you are done deciding on the name of the email account, click on ‘Create Account’.

  • Integrate your email address with your email client:-

You are done creating your professional email id. However, you will have to link it with the email address that you already have. For doing so, login to your email account and go to settings. Choose ‘Another Email Address’ option. Then you will have to input your display name and the email address you wish to link. Then, click on ‘Next Step’. You will then have to input your name and password that you have added in your professional email. The SMTP server will show ‘smtp.yourwebsite.com’ and the default port will be 587, you do not need to change anything.

Click on ‘Add Account’ to finish the process successfully. You have now linked your email id with your professional account.

  • Add a signature and a profile picture:-

Your professional account is all set and ready for customization. Adding a profile picture helps you to provide a human and personal touch to your customers. It is always good to have a good picture and your signature in your professional email address.

The changes can be done through your email account itself. Go to settings, and look for ‘My Picture’. Select change picture and then add an image of your choice. Make sure to add a professional headshot or the company’s logo.

To create an email signature, go to the ‘signature’ section in the settings and start creating one. You have the flexibility to customize the font, colour and size of the text. Although it should be according to the standards of your company. The signature should have your name, contact info and your designation in it. Also, add your company logo’s thumbnail below the information.

  • Ensure the security of your email address:-

The final step is to make sure that your email address is adding security to your account. You can do this by customizing settings in the cPanel. In the email section of cPanel, you will have tools to customized spam filters, set rules and end to end encryption too. Click on the ‘Encryption’ and add a password for that as well.

I hope this article was helpful for those who do not have a professional email account yet or are not familiar with the importance of it.

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