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When your domain is not valid anymore as it was not renewed by the owner, it is declared to be a ‘dropped’ or an ‘expired’ domain.

The domains and hosting, in most cases, is valid for one year, from the date of purchase. If it is not renewed by the owner of the domain, it can be said as dropped domains. It happens if you purchase a domain and forget to renew it. Or simply because you are not interested anymore in keeping the ownership of these domains.

After it been declared as dropped domains, it can be purchased by another person for the value of these domains Let us dive into the various types of dropped domains.

Kinds of Dropped Domains:-

< 30 Days of expiration:

The first type of dropped domains is the ones that are expired within less than a month. Domain owners have a period of about 30 days to renew their domains. However, since the renewal was not done within the expiration period, they are charged with a few extra bucks as a penalty for the same.

 > 30 Days of expiration:

The second type is the one where the expired date has crossed the grace period. If the owner does not renew his domain within 30 days, he is waived off from all the rights of ownership of domains. He is no longer the owner of that domain and such domains will become available for other buyers to purchase on various platforms.

Deleted Ones:

Deleted domains are the ones that were deleted from the domain name registrations. They are no longer the part of that domain’s existence after they are deleted from their registrars. It then becomes available for any buyer to purchase these domains from any platform and enjoy the ownership.

Domain unsold at the auctions:

A bunch of domains are sold at the auction. It does include the dropped domains as well. However, there are a few that did not get sold on the auction too. Those are shuffled back to the domain registrations to be sold. Here, they can be purchased and used by any buyer.

The above mentioned were the types of dropped domains that are available in the market. Now let us understand the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing dropped domains.

Advantages of Buying Dropped Domains:-

Dropped domains are liable to rank quicker:

Purchasing a dropped domain is a shortcut method that a bunch of users do to quickly get ranking in the SEO. It happens because you can redirect the traffic from the previously purchased domain on your updated site. After all, you have bought the same domain to use.

Dropped domains are easy on your pockets:

Purchasing a dropped domain can be a great deal when you compare it the prices buyers pay in the auctions or so. Here, you will purchase the domain name and pay only for the registration which is comparatively very affordable. It is an easy and quick process to purchase a good domain name.

Disadvantages of Purchasing dropped domains:-

Unpleasant Visitors:

Sometimes, sellers boost up the amount of traffic at a dropped domain only to sell it at a great price. This happens mostly in auctions or even when the domain is in the grace period to be renewed. Sellers on purpose do not renew the domains and boost up the traffic so that it could be sold at high pricing.

Poor Name:

In some cases, domains expire and the owner does not renew it. Even though he needs a domain for his website, he does not renew it.  It is because the domain name is not appealing enough and the owner does not want to continue using that name. In such cases, purchasing such domains that have not done well previously will bring that for your website as well. Just like how the good ones help you in better SEO rankings, bad ones will bring the rankings down too.

Hence, while purchasing dropped domains, that is a list of thing you need to take care of. The good one has its added benefits, however, the bad ones bring their bad effects as well.

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