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Knowing About Your Hosting and Its Impact on Your SEO

In the process of designing a website, there is a lot of things to take care of. Things such as the theme of the website, the content, the media files to be shared and much more. There is a whole process of actions that are carried out in the development of the perfect website. SEO is an essential element that acts as the deciding point for the success of the website. However, we often tend to neglect the factors that are not directly related to SEO. Such a factor is hosting. That’s right! You’d think how is hosting and SEO related to each other, let us find out together.

Let us understand first things first. A great hosting service brand will not be able to improve the SEO ranking of our website. But, a bad hosting service will bring down your SEO. This is essential to know as the effect of SEO should not be misleading and you should not be purchasing the most expensive plan in the marketing believing that it will give the best SEO Ranking. Hence, it is important to understand the difference between them.

We will now look at a bunch of reasons to understand how can hosting affect the website’s SEO:-

  • Connections Issues:

Issues with the connection can be very tricky for any website. If there is a problem with the connection and your host is not able to have a proper and smooth connection with your website then what is the how will the host be able to capture the data uploaded on it? This is why if there is a connection issue between your website and your host, it adds up to bad SEO ranking for your website. Errors such as ‘bad database connection’ or ‘server error’ are indications that your hosting provider is not apt. And also it indicates that your hosting plan could be ones of the reasons why your website has not a good SEO ranking.

  • Minimum Uptime:

Your website even if it is the best will be of no advantage if it is down for most of the time. They are only a few hosting providers that guarantee 100% uptime. That too it is available only for cloud hosting plans. However, choose a plan of at least 99% of uptime guarantee. Something less than that will not get you good SEO rankings. SEO rankings are based on the uptime average of the website. Hence, make sure that your hosting provider promises you a minimum uptime of 99%. The best deal would be getting an uptime guarantee which is closest to 100%, like 99.99%.

  • Slow Pace:

Maximum speed is like a win-win situation. It is beneficial for both, your visitors and SEO ranking. Having the best speed on your website enables you to showcase the optimism of your website. Slow websites decrease the traffic on your website over time. The lesser the speed of your website, the more visitors you lose. People or visitors per se, do not have the time and patience to let your website takes its time to load. If it does not load quickly, they exit the site within seconds. Hence, the speed of the website is very essential. That could be several reasons for the slow speed of your website. And one of them is hosting. Hence, it needs to be paid attention to. Investigate the root cause of your website loading slow and solve the issue before it affects your SEO.

  • Absence of Security:

This point should be focused not only for google and for better SEO ranking. It is essential to ensure the safety and security of all the information that is present on your server. If your website or hosting plans does not ensure all the safety precautions that are applicable for your website, you are highly exposed to hacking. Never risk your company’s information just to save a few bucks. Always go for a hosting plan that ensures backup and security for your website regularly. It is more vital than we realize. Do not avoid the factor of security at any cost.

I hope that this post was able to make you understand the effects of hosting services on your website. Be mindful while choosing a hosting plan, it is not only for your website’s storage space but is more than that.

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