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User Experience is a known essential aspect that needs to be considered while designing a website. Although, nobody has a guidebook as to how to do it right and what are the no-nos of it.

The basic step that you need to follow is having a customer’s perspective for your website. Looking at the website from a visitor’s point of view will help you improve the u-ex of your website as you will be able to understand what is to be done.

There are a few factors that we should contemplate to design a website with great user experience. Factors such as navigation, adaptiveness of the website and more. Let us look at these factors in-depth to understand them better.

  • Maintain a straightforward navigation menu:

Easily accessible, visible fonts and easy to understand words, are the key elements on which the navigation menu is built. Also, do not use complex words or only icons in the menu stand out. Let the location of your main menu also be visible at all times, on all the web pages.

Visitors like websites that are easy to understand and play with. They do not like either complex content or complex functions for that matter. A website should be designed keeping the visitor’s perspective in mind always.

  • Responsiveness of website is everything:

People like to browse on their phones for most of the times. We all like browsing through Facebook, Instagram all the time. Imagine, if you have shared your website’s link on social media and someone is visiting your website.

If the website runs smoothly and loads all the images and content properly, the visitor will be willing to share your website with his people who find it relatable. However, if it does not load media files, or title is broken and not clear, he will neither revisit your website nor will he forward it to someone else.

Hence, making your website responsive to all kinds of devices is an important aspect of user experience. You do not want your visitor to exit your website with negative feedback. On the contrary, you want him to share the website with his friends and family, and also revisit your website. So, make sure that your website is responsive.

  • Optimize your Website’s Speed:

Websites that take a lifetime to load are the least visited websites. Lifetime does not necessarily mean lifetime but the visitors have a very minimum level of patience. It will not be good for the image of your website.

A slow-loading website is not liked by the audience, despite its content or its images. It will not be a hit until and unless it is a fast loading website. Hence, make sure that you run all sorts of tests to investigate the purpose of your website is slow and also solve the issue then and there.

Do not neglect the issue of slow loading of your website. Even if it means reducing the size of the media files on your website. Always ensure that all the content that is live on your page is optimized adequately for good user experience.

  • Abide by the design of your theme:

The theme of your website is the soul and feel of it. Do not customize it too much that your website loses the feel of it. Let the design of your theme be incorporation with the content of your website.

The theme has been designed in regulation with certain standards that are apt for mostly all kind of websites. So keeping it concerning that will help to decrease any kind of error that could happen with the design. Let the website by simple to ensure great user experience.

  • Ensure CTA on your website:

CTA, .i.e. Call to Action is an important feature that you can not afford to miss. It is the widget or icon that guides the visitors and takes them to the purpose of them visiting on the website.

CTA can either be contact details or the cart status if it is an eCommerce website. It is essential to check that the CTA on your site is easily accessible and understandable as well. Also, let the CTA buttons be highlighted by adding a contrast colour from the theme.

Highlighting the CTA button will help the buttons be always visible and accessible to new visitors to your website. It will make your website pretty straight forward to work with and help you achieve the best user experience.

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