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SEO is an important key for your blogging website success. It although is a complex topic to understand completely. It is because there multiple factors that affect the SEO ranking of the websites.

Every website’s ultimate goal is to achieve the highest level of SEO rankings.¬†Keeping up with each factor of SEO always can get hard sometimes. This article will, therefore, guide you as to how can you make your website perfectly optimized to achieve the best SEO rankings.

It will not be as difficult if you know and understand the purpose of these factors that are incorporated in the functioning of SEO. We will first understand the concept of on-page SEO and its importance. The next part will be about the techniques of improving the ranking of your blogging website.

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Importance of on-page SEO:-

As we know, SEO is a package full of different elements that contribute to the ranking process. These elements are related to each other in some of the other ways. Having a website that is SEO optimized will not only contribute to the rankings on Google but also will help you to enhance the content in blogging.

The on-page SEO is nothing but having the optimization for all the individual content or pages to ensure that each part of your website is compatible with the SEO. It will help you increase your visibility in the google search along with improving the SEO rankings of your website.

We need to realize that there is no human involvement in the process of SEO and its rankings. They do not need or ask for content that is very unique or complex. The functioning of SEO is pretty automated and to understand how it works, we will have to keep that in mind.

The search engine optimizations look at the codes and HTML tags that exist on your blogging website. The words and their relevance are looked at by these automated optimizations. Bloggers or any content writer for that matter are suggested to use easy and common words so that these engines can list it to the right and relatable type of website.

Making use of complex words will not only lower your SEO ranking but also reduce the visibility pf your page on Google search which will drive it to have lesser traffic on your website. Hence making use of simpler and common words will help your website become more visible and also it will be easier for your visitors to understand the content of your website.

SEO Techniques for your Blogging Website:-

  • Make use of Keyword Research while Blogging:

Adding keywords that are relevant to your articles will help get more traffic on your blogs. Do not use words that are complex or unique as being visible on the search engines can get difficult. Keywords should always be generally used words by common people. Imagine yourself googling something, it always has simple words, doesn’t it? Therefore, having terms that are easier to understand and are likely to be used by everyone are your keywords. Also, incorporate keywords in at least one or two headings in each blog.

  • Add headings to effectively divide your content:

Using headings to break up your articles or posts is the optimum way of blogging. Any post or blog should be easy to understand and remember. Content full of headings can make it simpler for the reader to understand the gist of your post without paying complete attention to it. It also helps to boost up the SEO of that post. Avoid writing posts in a single paragraph. It looks very lengthy and tiresome to read or look at.

  • Ensure image optimization before uploading:

Optimizing media files are an essential part of SEO. The reason being that if the images or other media files are not optimized, your website will take longer to load. Optimization helps the media file to compress to a size that will not compromise the quality of the file but will reduce the size of it so that your website loads quickly. Since speed is an important factor in SEO and the time taken by the website to load is too, it is of high importance that you optimize them before uploading on the blogging site.

  • Work on the readability part of your post:

Rightly dividing your content into sections or paragraphs is a part of the readability point of your content. And so is the inclusion of lists or pointers. Making minimum use of complex words will also add to better readability. Readability is nothing but making your content easy to read and follow. Pay attention to the lengths of your sentences while blogging. Readability is a vital feature to work with when you are trying to improve the SEO on-page.

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