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An ‘about us’ page does not sound that essential as much as it is. It seems like a mandatory page that every website is obliged to have just for the sake of it. But it is important more than that.

An about page is not only a formality that you have to do because you are supposed to. It is the page of all the information of the history, culture and the employees of the company. It also incorporates the goals/vision and mission of the company. That is why its role is more than just a compulsory page. The best hosting plans are waiting for you!

This post will help you realise and have a better perspective for that not so interesting page because it is an essential part of your website. Let us look at the factors that are vital to achieving the perfect about us page for our websites.

1. Images:

Pictures of the organization or the higher authorities help the brand to have a face of its own. Visitors feel that they have a connection with your company after having seen those photos. It helps them in building relationships and having a trust factor in the long run. There are numerous brands for every kind of product and service, but adding personal images gives your brand a unique face of yours which helps them in remembering your company.

You can add images of your workplace or a snapshot along with your team. It will also help you get closer to your team. And the team will feel welcomed and associated with your brand. Rather than putting up the information of employees, add group pictures to showcase your strength and involvement at the job.

2. A unique quote describing the ‘about us’ of the firm:

Start your ‘about us’ page with a quote describing your company. Try to put the purpose of the existence of your firm in a single statement. Let it be the highlight of the page. Do not bombard your about page with a lot of content and information. Let it be apt and to the point. Keeping it minimalistic will help the visitors find easily what they are looking for. Also, adding unnecessary content just to fill up space does not make any sense.

Each page on the website has its purpose of existence. The ‘about’ page should also play the same role. Do not use complex words to sound smart. Keep the statement simple and of limited words. Try to say more using lesser words.

3. Contact details:

Although you have a separate page that only contains the contact information of your company. Let there be at least an email or a number on the ‘about us’ page at which anybody can get in touch with your company. Accessing the details that can help the visitors should always be visible and handy. And contact info and CTA (Call to Action) are two such essentials. It should never be invisible or hard to find at any part of your website, be it any page of it.

You can also embed a map with the location of your workplace which will the visitors know we are you located. Always make a point to ensure maximum convenience of your visitors. It is because your website is there to provide them with the information that they need.

4. Range of products/services:

Create a row of all the products or services that are provided by your brand in the market for the customers. And make sure you link this list somewhere in the about us page. Let people know what are you supplying the market for them. That is the whole reason for creating the website probably. Hence make sure you have a gist of it present somewhere on the page so that if any visitor is keen to know about your company, he will have an idea of what you do.

You can add the full description and features of your services with their individuals’ pages. But link them in the list that is present on the about us page of your site. If your company has verticals of different brands or products, make sure to link those sites too on the page.

5. A gist of how it all began:

History of a brand is always an interesting story to know. It is intriguing for visitors to read about the starting point of your company. After all, it is the core foundation of the company and that is a vital part of your brand. The ‘about us’ page will be incomplete without at least a paragraph telling about the history of the company.

If you think your story is too long and it will occupy the whole space in the about. All you got to do is add the first paragraph of this story and link with another ‘overview’ page that will continue the story of the history. Do not hesitate from revealing how small you were when it started, it can turn out to be a great motivation case study for a newly initiated start-up.

Concluding the ‘about us’ page:

The above-mentioned checklist will hopefully assist you in understanding the role and importance of the ‘about us’ page of your website. And I also hope that this post will intrigue you to redesign the ‘about’ page on your site.

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