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Tips to Ensure that Your Online Passwords are Strong

The importance of having a strong password is more than we realize. We do not know how much risk we are avoiding by incorporating strong passwords, especially online. It is essential to make use of robust passcode because you can afford on losing data that you have uploaded/stored in your respective CMS/Panels. Hence it is always a good measure to take by ensuring strong passcodes for your websites and data management applications.

We can thankfully are prompted when we use simpler or easy combinations. The integrated system does not let us set simple passwords. It is because it increases the risk of getting hacked. You’d think, who is going to hack my website. There is not much data or anything personal saved on my server. But you never know where the hacker would reach by breaking inside your server.

That is why it is always suggested by the integrated systems as well to add combinations that are difficult to guess. Also, it is not a time consuming or a paid precaution that we are not able to keep up with it. All it will do is only take a fraction of extra seconds or maximum a minute to add a password that is strong and has great complexity. It is always smart to take precautions and be a little extra careful than regretting it later, isn’t it?

How to find out the strength of your current passwords?

As discussed earlier, if you are making use of the extremely easy combination, you will automatically be prompted and the system will ask you to choose a code of more strength. You can do that simply by using alphanumeric characters and special characters as well. It is not at all hard to use a complex set of passcodes.

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If you still find it difficult to think of a password that is strong enough, you can use combinations that are not easily predictable. I know that it is easier and convenient for us to set up a code that we can easily remember. We do this so that we can quickly log in and get started with our tasks. We feel who will take the efforts by using a strong code. It will require me to everyday copy it from some file and paste it to get in.

However, we will have to be more cautious and use lesser shortcuts when it is a matter of security. You will not realize what kind of losses who you’d have to bear if become a victim of hacking. And believe me, you do not want to know. It is always better to ensure safety by taking a few precautionary steps than becoming a victim of it.

People generally use the names of their favourite sports team or movies and feel it will not be easily guessed or get hacked. That is not at all true. Hackers use various combinations and they have data about you such as your birthdays and your favourite sports simply by looking at your social media profiles. Hence do not use this info either to set up online passwords.

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Tricks to have a better password strength:

1. Ensure using unique passwords-

Always remember to make sure that you are using unique combinations. There are a bunch of websites that will let you generate unique combinations with mixed characters. All you have to do is google ‘password generator’ and that is it. You will have sites that generate unique combinations for you in a blink. That was not that difficult now, was it. You do not need to invest your time and think of a unique combination for your online requirements. Just get on one of these sites and save it somewhere safe, preferably offline in your system which also is password-protected that is known by you.

2. Make use of two-factor authentication-

This is a great addition to the world of technology and innovation. If you have files or data that is to be accessed only by you, make sure that your two-factor authentication is active. It will always help you be notified if someone else is trying to log in on your server. You will get an Email/SMS that someone is trying to log in in your account even if you are not available on your PC. You can then decide whether or not it is a safe connection and you want the person on the other end to get the access or not.

3. Include a password manager for storage-

If there are multiple passwords online that you need and have to store it. It is difficult to remember and save it in your system. You can always make use of web applications that are there just to serve this purpose. They exist only to manage your multiple passwords. They are not adding to any kind of cost or additional step. Make use of these online tools to ensure that your connection and data online is safe and secure.

It is never wrong to take extra precautionary steps to ensure the safety of your information. No matter how impersonal or less important you think your data is, remember to secure it with a strong combination, especially if it is stored online.


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