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One of the ways to keep visitors coming back to your website again is by building a connection between them and the writers of your posts. Posts are a great way to engage with the audience and to communicate with them. Although, the question still arises as to how to develop this relationship among the writers and the visitors of your website? We will find that out in this post. There are multiple ways of doing it and one of that is changing your author box. We are going to look at one such way in detail. The steps to do it and the pros of going it as well.

Why should the writers share about themselves?

The writers need to initiate the first step of building towards the relationship with the visitors to ensure that we are revisiting your blogs and hence your website too. Sharing details such as your qualification, where are you from helps the visitors know more about you. And that helps them in following you and your posts. This is the first step that you need to take for your readers. The writers can also link to their social media accounts to improve their publicity amongst the people.

By adding your social media accounts you will be building a personal relationship with the readers as well. It will help in increasing the credibility in your name. Also, it will help you become a known name in that industry that you are currently in. Adding details that are visible to visitors will help them put a proper face to the unknown name of the writer. If your posts are found relatable to them, it will be shared amongst their family and friends. These are the baby steps that you take to increase the traffic on your website. Also by browsing in the comment section, you receive constructive criticism that will help you improve.

Having said all of this, let us look at the steps as it how can we add a fancy or different author box to our WordPress posts to stand out. There are two ways to do it.

This is a plugin that can be installed and used for our WordPress posts. It is the contrary as the name suggests. It is not a simple author box plugin, it is more a straight forward type of plugin that will help you ace up the blogging game. This will help you add a different characteristic to your posts. As we all know, all the posts on WordPress look very similar. And it is easy for the visitors to find out that it is a simple WordPress blog. However, by using these customizable plugins we can add a distinct feature to our posts.

Our posts and blogs can level up to stand out by making use of these plugins. Making customizations on posts and other pages make people notice that something is different on this website. We need to take these extra efforts by having such a plugin or two to be different from the crowd. There are so many blogging websites of every genre. From beauty blogging to movie reviews, you name it and there are already more than thousands of blogging websites on the internet.

There are limited customizations that a user can do on a blogging website. We will have to add some of the features here and there to add some different flavour to it. This plugin enables a wide range of customization to author box in below the posts on the page. It helps you change the size of the avatar, which is not a feature in the simple author box plugin. To use this plugin, you will have to first install the plugin. Then in the Appearance section of your WordPress site, select the widget option and you will find this widget/plugin.

You can add this plugin either to the header or the footer part of the page. The plugin will then be ready to be customized according to your preference and style. You can choose where and how to place it. The plugin allows for great flexibility in terms of customizations. Use this plugin to change the author box on your posts.

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