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You wish to showcase the best version of yourself while creating an online image. i.e the professional site of your brand. Not so good website harms the goodwill and image of the brand. It ruins the public figure that took you all the years to built.

This post is hence to guide you as to how to rightly create your website without making errors that most of the people do. Features such as optimum design and minimum effects are the key points of any website.

We will be discussing the essentials of a professional website which can be applied to all sorts of companies. Features such as responsiveness, easily-accessible navigation are such points that should be taken care at all times while designing a professional website.

Why is it essential to opt for a perfect design?

The role of design does not end at the appearance of the website. Designing involves the organization of all the factors that create a website like the content of the pages, the widgets used and the size of the pages and many such things. A properly designed website is the one with apt readability and easy to navigate.

These are the basic requirements for a site to have. A good design will also aid in achieving a good ranking for SEO on your site. Content should be easy to find. Visitors should find your website extremely comfortable and easy to access and go through. Anything that makes the site tricky or sloppy should not be a part of the site.

Other factors such as the colour combinations should be chosen by putting a lot of thought in it. Always make sure to think from the reader’s point of view. The design of the website should be user friendly for the visitors because they are the reason why you are making a website, isn’t it?

Many websites get abandoned just because the visitor did not find the font of the website easy to understand. Or because the colour combination was not right and was making the reader uncomfortable to look at. Hence, these things matter more than we realise. So we should do them right and properly.

Checklist for a professional website:

1. Neat layout:

Make sure that the layout of your design is not too much. Keep it simple and elegant. Just don’t keep adding content for the sake of it. Always remember that less is more. Try to say more using lesser/minimum words. A simple layout will help you keep the design of your professional website low-key and minimalistic. This sure will make a good website.

2. Simple to use:

Keeping your website very easy to use will take you a long way. Visitors like websites that are straight forward and elegant. If they feel any difficulty in navigating or reading the content, they will be exiting your website. They have various other sites to look at that enables simple usability. Thus, let the site be very optimum and simple to keep things professional.

3. Outstanding Performance:

This one is another essential feature that must not be overlooked. The performance and the speed of your site could be one of the major reasons that visitors are abandoning your site within seconds. Undergo regular checks and tests to ensure that the performance of your website is prompt and quick. A slow website can have a huge effect on the public image of the brand.

4. Professional Logo:

The logo of your brand should have some kind of logic or motive behind it designing. It should have an appropriate reason for designing the logo in that manner. You cannot just pick a logo because you liked it. The design of the logo should match the vision of your company. It should be rightly and visibly placed on your website and visitors should look at it whenever they visit your site.

5. Responsiveness:

A study says that more than 90% of the users browse using their mobile phones and not on their laptops or computers. The numbers speak for the importance of the responsiveness of the website. Rather than keeping it as the final step, developers/designers should choose such a design or a theme that is already responsive. This will help them and you make the process easier.

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