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Almost all the successful bloggers post their blogs on a regular basis. Due to that, readers expect new blogs and posts at the time of their publishing of posts. Although, it sometimes can be difficult for the bloggers to maintain the consistency in doing the same. You can schedule posts in such scenarios.

Only if your blogging site is on WordPress, there are a bunch of options you can go for. You can prepare the final draft of your post. And keep it ready to be posted at a scheduled time and date. All you have to is set the date and time to be posted. And it will be posted whether you are online or not.

In this post, we will look at all the steps that need to be taken to schedule a post to be published at a predetermined date and time. Although let us look at the reasons as to why you need to do so.

Reasons to schedule your posts beforehand:

A scheduled post are the ones that are not published at the moment. But have a predetermined date and time to be published. Having a post scheduled has a number of advantages. The first being that you can maintain the consistency of the time of publishing your posts.

It means that having posts scheduled will help you keep up with the posts on a regular basis without any issue. Visitors that are consistent on your page will appreciate your regularity of posts. And they will become attached to your website. They will not get a chance to be disappointed by your website.

Maintaining a proper schedule will definitely keep the visitors revisiting your blogs as they know when to expect a new post. This helps in building a loyal audience for your blogs as well for your brand. People will share your posts with their friends and family and help you grow your audience.

Scheduling of posts can also help you achieve most views and shares if you are aware of your ideal time zone. Websites and blogs get most views and shares at one particular time of the day. This time can be figured out by publishing your posts at all times and figure out yourself what is the ideal time for your website.

Once you know the ideal time for your website, schedule all the posts for that time only. This will help you get maximum views and shares that you can achieve on your posts. You can also create and draft content in advance. If at all you are planning of going on a vacation or a break, your blog site will not have to suffer for that purpose.

 Steps to schedule your blogs:

Step one: Set a publication date

Once the main content of the post is ready, set the date you want it to be published. The settings to do the same is on the right side of your edit post section. You will find the option of publishing either immediately. That is the regular way we do it to publish the post at the moment. When you click on the edit button, you will get the option to select the date. And the time to schedule the publishing. When you set the time and date for publishing, it will immediately get updated. And your post will be scheduled to be published at that time.

Step two: Evaluate your post settings

After setting up the date and time for the publishing of the post, recheck the settings. Make sure the date and time of the publish are what you want. Check other settings of the post as well. Ensure that the schedule settings are as you wanted, whether it is to be password protected. Or it should be visible to everyone or it should be a private post. It can be as per your requirements and needs for the respective post.

Step three: Approve the settings updated

Once you are done with all the settings of the scheduling process, you can click on the blue button ‘Schedule’. You will receive a confirmation notification saying that all your settings have been saved. And your post will be published and become visible as per your settings. You have successfully scheduled your post to be published on a date and time of your choice.

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