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Is new technology giving rise to more careless habits?

You are not the only one with this opinion. This new world with all its gadgets right from computers to mobile phones are changing us as a person gradually without us realising. We do not know as to what is happening and what is going to happen next.

The careless habits of us as human beings is increasing day by day. Is technology to be blamed for that?

Over the years, we are trying continuously to make things simpler as they are currently. We want leisure to do nothing and we are working hard to achieve that one day. We need automation in everything and people are striving to achieve that by every innovation. But is that the sole purpose of our lives? Everything today has become so practical that we are forgetting the purpose of existence of human lives completely. We do not want to be slowed down. All we wish is to get faster and faster. Everyone is like a participant in a race and the only winner would be the one who comes first.

Technology has a huge impact on human lives from a long long time now. Both good and bad. Good being we are so technically advanced that I can convey my message from my house to yours without taking too many efforts. Everything in the process is solely technology, isn’t it? But this technology has given us some habits that are going to make us regret in the future. And we need to work on those habits right away.

  • Poor email habits:

While you are working with an organization, poor email habits such as requesting read receipts, ignoring emails can lead to annoying your colleagues or managers. These habits need to stop immediately.

We can work on this by keeping constant sync on the subject matter of the email. Make sure to link it with the subject which will make it easier to be referred to in the future. Also, try to keep your words to the point and use separate emails for multiple topics.

  • Always on your phone:

You are probably on your phone right now checking out this article. If we are awake for say 17 hours, we are with our phones for more than 14-15 hours. Is that much time worth spending on your phone?

We can improve this habit by managing a time constraint on using phones. If you find it difficult to keep your hands off, switch it off a couple of hours before bedtime. This will help you limit phone usage for you and your family.

  • Social Media Habits:

All of us always have a valid excuse for this habit. We are trying to keep ourselves updated. There is a need to know what is going on around the world. We have to each and everything that is happening. Is that very important to do?

Try to spend less time on social media platforms. There is nothing productive that you are going to learn by spending an excessive amount of time online. It is fine to look at it once in a day. But do not obsess over it.

Only 20% of the small and medium-sized enterprises back up their data daily. We fail to do it every day as either we tend to forget it or it does not seem that important to be done every day. This habit of ours is completely inappropriate.

We never know while updating our CMS or a plugin, we might lose all our content. Everything that was stored on the server might get lost just because we have not developed this habit of backing up our data daily. So practise this and ensure that you carry out a backup of everything daily.

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